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Outstanding Nutrition
I can not stress enough the importance of good nutrition and properly balanced ingredients. I believe that for our dogs to produce optimally healhy puppies, they themselves must be fed very nutritious food and supplements. Most of the products I use are from Life's Abundance....except for the chicken and rice/beef that I home cook each day. I use "Life's Abundance" food for my adult dogs because of the exceptionally well-balanced diet it provides them.
Our puppies are also raised with the same level of extreme care for their health. They are fed Life's Abundance puppy food for large breeds. This excellent dog food is full of highly digestible proteins and provides the phosphorous and calcium critical for the proper growth of young dogs and puppies. 50% of a dog's development is based on their genetics but the other 50% is up to us! Once you take your puppy home, that first 8 months to a year is the critical growth time for the puppy. It is so important that they are fed correctly balanced food and not exercised excessively.
All of our puppies are sent home with some of their puppy food and we hope that their future families will continue to use it. We so strongly believe and want to encourage each family that we will give them $20 towards their first purchase of Lifes Abundance puppy food through our link on this page. We are very confident that you and your friends will be very happy with the health and beauty of your puppy/dog and will be lifelong Life"s Abundace partners. To learn more about Lifes Abundance and their products please click the link below. To order and receive a $20 rebate from us please be sure that the number 20153896 appears in the right hand corner at the very very bottom of the screen on the Lifes Abundace portion of my website. Please send me a note within 24hrs (email susan2k11@gmail.com or text (443-945-7035) so I can verify your purchase and give you your cash. :)

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