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100% English Cream Golden Retrievers in Maryland

Sven- our European Multi Champion Sire
About Sven – our newest white gold champion. The time had come that we wanted to breed to some of the outstanding female puppies sired by our Wonder. This tasked us with finding a sire worthy of the wonderkindwhitegold reputation and equal in quality and pedigree to our beloved Wonder….not an easy task. In this process we reached out to our overseas contacts and asked them to search for such a sire amongst the European elite. With considerable effort and considerable expense, we were able to import such a sire.
Meet Sven – a multi international champion. Understand…. not only does Sven come from champion bloodlines, he himself holds multi European show titles. Sven is simply stunning. From his color, to the quality of his coat, to the large blocky head coveted within the breed, he is as elite as you can find in an English Cream.

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