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100% English Cream Golden Retrievers in Maryland

We are never sad to see our puppies go because we know they have gone to some very extraordinary homes and have enriched many lives in so many ways... and we very often carry on long lasting friendships with our new families. It is always so great to hear how everyone is doing and get such wonderful feedback and some really stunning pictures. My apologies to everyone that it has taken so long to get this page up and running. If you have sent pictures and don't see them here.. Please send them again!!!! And if you haven't gotten around to sending them ... Now is a great time :):):) ... We seriously LOVE to see how everyone has grown up and who has Mom's big dark eyes and who 'whispers' like Wonder :) ..... so THANK YOU !!!!! and please keep them coming :):):)

Hi Susan, just wanted to thank you again for our incredible puppy Lambeau! He has brought such joy to us and our families and friends...we really could not have wished for for a more friendly, obedient, intelligent, and simply adorable little guy. He reminds everyday about how wonderful life can truly be. We are so grateful!
Vinny and I have referred you to a few friends seeking puppies like our Lambeau, there is no doubt in our minds that his sweetness and amazing temperament are from the crucial early care and love provided by you and your family! Words could not fully express our thanks xoxo
Congratulations to Kim on the Eastern Shore!!!!! Kim sends us lots of great pics!!!! (There are more :)Lol) We LOVE to hear how Winston is doing :) Kim wrote "Winston and his new toys. Everyone in Pet Smart wanted to take him home. Vet said he looked great. He and Geist were playing keep away earlier!"

Congratulations to Carolyn in SC!!!! Lily was the tiniest puppy in her litter...soooooo cute :) and what a sweet kind expression too :) ... Carolyn sent these sweet pictures and wrote " She is amazing! The best dog I have ever had. She is so affectionate and still tries to snuggle even at 63lbs!"
"I couldn't have asked for a better dog. He sleeps throughout the night. He uses the bathroom only outside and he's just a great dog! Thank you so much..." Trey from North Carolina
"He is a wonderful puppy! Thank you so much! He whines already when he needs to go out! :) You are obviously a great breeder and truly love all your babies! :) Thank you Again!....." Tina in Maryland
"Sweetest little boy ever. He is doing great! Our trip was unbelievable. Puppy only cried once to go to the potty. He slept most of the 167 hours. He is such a dear! ... " Sue in Florida

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